Poolecott Canine Hydrotheraphy


We offer a range of treatment programmes to meet each dog’s individual needs. The programmes include:-

  • Rehabilitation programmes for the treatment and management of arthritis or following uncomplicated orthopaedic surgery/limb injury
  • Seniors’ Fitness and Flexibility programmes designed to maintain mobility, co-ordination and fitness
  • Fitness and Stamina programmes to build up agility and fitness for competition or working dogs
  • Obesity programmes to assist weight loss in conjunction with a diet approved by the dog’s Vet
  • Recreational programmes..............just for fun !

The initial consultation is approximately one hour during which we will familiarize your dog with the environment and equipment in the hydrotherapy pool room. Together with the information received from the dog’s Vet a general assessment will be made of your dog’s requirements. An individual treatment programme will then be developed for your dog.

All dogs must have veterinary approval before treatment can begin.

A Veterinary referral form must be completed to include relevant clinical details before a dog can be treated here. We suggest that you initially contact the dog’s Vet to discuss whether hydrotherapy would be suitable for your dog. If you have any questions or your Vet would like to discuss a case before referral please contact us. A referral form can be downloaded here. To arrange an appointment please contact Michele Townsend – 01363 866328

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