Poolecott Canine Hydrotheraphy


Our facilities are all of a very high standard and they include:-

  • The pool measures 3.9m x 2.2m and it is heated to a constant 28°C
  • The pool is equipped with underwater lighting to assist observation
  • The pool has anti-swim jets which provide stimulation to help tone and strengthen the dogs muscles
  • Water quality in the pool is carefully monitored through testing on a regular basis with a photometer. It is treated with both ultraviolet and calcium hypochlorite to maintain the highest standard of hygiene.

  • There is an underwater aqua therapy and resting platform for the dogs

  • Access via an internal and external non slip ramp

  • All dogs wear a buoyancy aid or harness

  • All dogs are showered and then dried with a warm air blaster or a towel before going home

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